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The SOPISCO group is a strategic international business alliance of companies, acting as brokers and agents that started its activities in 1992. At first the company was entirely dedicated to marine brokerage, specializing in the chartering of reefer vessels and related shipping agency business.

Over the years the SOPISCO group with branches in Panama and Ecuador, diversified its activities offering services related to chartering, stevedoring, survey, and certification. An additional service offered by the group now is marine insurance for any kind of cargo but with emphasis on perishables like fresh fruit and produce, seafood, meat etc.

Thanks to direct contact with ship owners and fruit producers worldwide, SOPISCO can offer to its customers either ships or refrigerated space and the service of procurement of premium bananas and other fruit from Latin America and other parts of the world. The group continues to enjoy a growing reputation for reliability, efficiency, and resourcefulness being well known by all reefer and banana operators worldwide.

The group has also been acting as purchasing and representative agents, for large trading companies and fruit importers in Europe and other regions. SOPISCO is well known by all shipping reefer and banana operators globally and can offer through its associated partners services of inspection and quality control at all Ecuadorian loading ports, farms and packing stations, especially for bananas and other fresh produce for export.

The company also offers consultancy services and advice for any project related to banana transportation and logistics. Furthermore, SOPISCO provides experienced multilingual personnel for assisting banana exporting companies at the most representative international events like fairs, congresses etc. related to the fruit and banana trade.

The reasons for SOPISCO’S success are the deep understanding of the business together with the pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit that has characterized our group of companies since the inception.

Our clients have confidence in us because we first think about them, we treat everyone with the sense that we are trustworthy and we need to take care of their business in a very cautious way.

We look forward to putting our experience to work for you.

                                                                                                                       Contact any of our branches:

Sopisco-Ecuador Brokers and Agents sopisco@sopisco.com
Sopisco-Panama Brokers and Agents sopisco@sopisco.com
Sopisco Fresh Produce Fruit Procurement fresh@sopisco.com
Sopisco News Market Intelligence admin@novamedia.ws
Insurance Cargo Marine Insurance sopisco@sopisco.com
Survey Survey and Certification sopisco@sopisco.com

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